MAX Volectro, Zaptor, Shuff


Shrapock is a MAX: Volectro, Zaptor, and Shuff. Pronounced: (SHRA-pik)


He can zap people with his electro-claw or fuzzy tail. His fuzzy tail is like a balloon. If you touch it too much, it will absorb electricity and shock you. He has HUGE jaws that can bite through bark like it was nothing. Also, he has sharp claws on his left hand good for slicing and dicing prey. And by prey, I mean enormous candy... :)


Basically a combined personality of the three mixels used to make it.


  • Chocolate
  • Candy
  • Playing Mixel Ball with Flain
  • Looking in a mirror to see how good this MAX is


  • Eating Tress
  • Healthy Foods (Broccoli, Spinnach, Brusselsprouts, etc.)
  • Nega-Nixels
  • Playing Nixel Ball


His sidemix uses a few pieces from Zorch, making it COMPLETELY unique, as most sidemixes use only the pieces from there leader.

Scorpio Sidekick



  • He can scorch people with his tail.
  • Though he has no teeth, that doesn't mean he has more bark than bite!                                                                                                                                                His mouth can poison Nixels like CRAAAAZY!
  • He is really, REALLY fast! (Thanks to Zorch's Rocket)


He loves serving his leader no matter what, and that's his only purpose. He's a great friend, too.


Serving Mixels who are better than him.


Nega-Nixels. In fact, he dislikes them SO much, you could even say he HATES them! He hates them more than anything, and will die to be sure even one of them is never seen again.

Building InstructionsEdit

are on a seperate page

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