Mixels are funny creative creatures that combine themselves using a Cubit. There are 9 tribes. Cragsters, Electroids, Infernites, Flexers, Frosticons, The Fang Gang,             Photo  v                   Spikels, The Glorp Corp, and The Wiztastics.

Mixels logo

The Mixels logo, along with the Mixels. From left to right: Krader, Vulk, Slumbo, Balk, and Glurt.


Each mixel has a special unique power of their own. Cragsters can dig faster than any others, Infernites are fire-experts and are capable of swimming in lava, Electroids contain powerful electrical charges inside them so they can either randomly get zapped by having too much energy, or let out huge electrical blasts with their tails, hands, etc. Flexers have special tentacles anywhere on their bodies that can stretch over 6 feet long! Frosticons are ice-experts, can usually freeze things with coldbreath, and are capable of standing unharmed down to -90* fereinheit! The Fang Gang has extremely sharp teeth that can eat through almost anything. Some don't even care what their eating, Spikels have sharp claws that can cut anything like a cut through.... anything... Wiztastics are magic-specialists, and last but not least, The Glorp Corp are slimey, stretchy, sticky, slobby; Did I mention they're slimey?

Mixel TribesEdit

The Cragsters consist of Shuff, Krader, and Seismo. The Electroids are zaptastic: Teslo, Zaptor, and Volectro. The Infernites are firey: Flain, Vulk, and Zorch. The Cold Frosticons are: Slumbo, Lunk and Flurr!!! Brrrrrgh...... chilly. Flexers are flexible: Kraw, Tentro, and Balk. Fang Gang: Chomly, Gobba, and Jawg. Spikels are sharp: Footi, Hoogi, and Scorpi. The Glorp Corp are slimey: Glomp, Glurt, ant Torts. And the Wiztastics are magic: Mesmo, Magnifo, Wizwuz.



Season#  Episode# Name Length Main Bength Plot Nixels? Character # Total Ep. #
1 1 Coconapple 2:00m Seismo ? Seismo wants a Coconapple, Zorch wants to use the Mixing power of Cubits to get it. No 7 1
1 2 Cookironi 1:30m N/A ? Every Mixel wants the same Cookironi. Yes 12 2
1 3 Hot Lava Shower 0:59s Vulk ? The Infernites MAX fixes a broken fossit, but burns Krader and Teslo. No 6 3
1 4 Electrorock 1:31m Krader, Teslo ? Who is the greatest digdig/dancedance? No 8 4
1 5 Nixels 1:58m Seismo, Flain ? Nixels ruin Flain/Seismo's Rad Fun. Yes 3 5
1 6 Pothole 1:01m Zaptor, Vulk ? Zaptor falls, and destroys the world to get rid of the Pothole he fell in. No 3 6
1 7 Murp 1:01m Krader, Flain ? Krader murps with Flain to get to the other Mixels' BBQ Party, that is Super Funs. No 9 7
1 8 Mailman 2:00m Shuff ? Cragsters MAX chases Zorch, the Mailman, to retrieve Shuff's new toy. No 5 8
1 9 Another Nixel 1:00m Major Nixel ? Major Nixel recruits 3 Nixels to get cubits, and one comes back with a Mixed-Mixel. Yes 6 9
1 10 Changing a Light Bulb 1:01m Teslo
? The Electroids must do the Electroids MAX to change a lightbulb when the old one goes out. No 7 10
1 11 Rockball 1:00m Krader ? Krader and the Cragsters challenge Flain and the Infernites to a game of Rockball. No 8 11


Nixels are dark, mean, uncreative uncool creatures that want to destroy the Mixels' cubits.

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