Junior64570's Minecraft Mods are on this page. He has mods in testing (WIP (Work In Progress)), and regular mods.

List Of All ModsEdit

This is a table list of mods/WIP mods.

All mods made by Junior64570 use Minecraft Forge to work. Also, all mods have their own page on this wiki, and that is also where you download them.

Mod Name What it adds MC version Mod Version
Aqua Ore Aqua Ore, Green Ore, and soon, Rainbow Sherbet things... all sorts! 1.6.4

Alpha 2.

In Beta there will be a lot more stuff and way less bugs.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Thor's Hammer, Iron Man Armor, Loki (Boss) 1.6.4 Alpha 1
Larry-Boy the Rumor Weed: "Big Mess" A "Big Mess" block that when you right-click it, creates 4 more Big Mess blocks. 1.6.4 Alpha 1
The Aqualer A whole new dimension, Dolphins, New Ores, Plus tons of more mobs and blocks! N/A N/A
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