Here is the installation:

How to get Terraria and your character:

First of all,

you'll need Steam. You use Steam to play Terraria. You can download it here:

(it's free too!) Once you have Steam, open it up. There should be a shortcut on your Desktop. (some features may require administrator privilages.) Click on it. The icon SHOULD look like this:  .  Once Steam is open, make an account. Then once you have an account, (which is also free)search for 'Terraria' and download it to Steam. (This requires administator privilages too.) REMEMBER: Terraria is NOT free. Make sure you have around $9.99 to buy it. After you buy Terraria, go to this page: Then search for 'Ethan' and click on 'Terraria Ethan' and download your character from there. Once you have the ZIP folder, go to C:\Users\*username*\My Documents\My Games\Terraria\Players and drag the files in the zip folder to that directory, and you're done! YAY! Here's an Eye of Cthulhu for succesfully/failingly downloading Steam, Terraria, and your character!


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