Chain Chomp

Chain Chomp from Super Paper Mario

 Max HP: 4     Attack: 1      Defense: 4

Chain Chomps are more bark than bite.       But that's not much comfort for the mailman. 


  • Chain Chomps are always chained. Unlike in other Mario games, you can free them.
  • Dark Chain Chomps look EXACTLY like Dark Barribads.
  • Chain Chomp's Max HP is the same as it's defense, so it's pretty hard to beat.

Super Paper Mario TCG:Edit

HP: 4     Attack: 1   Defense: 1

Chomp: Do 1 damage to 1 of your opponent's team members.

Evolutions: Red Chomp, Blue Chomp, The Underchomp.

Mario TCG:Edit

HP: 4  Attack: 1  Defense: 4

Evolutions: Red Chomp, Green Chomp, Swamp Chomp

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